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How to master this fight for survival.

Chillingo's chilled and charming Cyto is well worth the time and attention of any physics puzzle fan, and we gave the game a ringing 4 out of 5 star endorsement in our review earlier today. If you need a helping hand with the game, we've got some useful hints and tips for mastering its many challenges.


- When you stretch Cyto between two different tufts of grass, be very sparing with the amount you pull him back by. He'll fly much further in this position, so don't overshoot a memory or the exit portal.

- Stay away from the red coral! The slightest contact with this prickly stuff will finish off poor old Cyto and you'll have to restart the level.

- If a flowing stream stands between Cyto and his target, you'll need to take its effect into account when planning his trajectory. Upward-flowing streams can cause particular problems, especially when there's deadly coral nearby.

- If you've played Valve's Portal series, you'll have a feel for how portals work in this game. He'll exit each portal with the same trajectory and velocity he entered one with, so make sure you line him up gracefully to grab those memory fragments.

- The memory fragments in the game are used to unlock new sets of levels, but you don't need to grab every last one to complete each stage. If you're really struggling, two will do - just concentrate on getting him to the exit point.

- You can leapfrog between bubbles by stretching him across two different tufts of vegetation, then popping the tuft you don't want him to remain on.

- The game will remember your previous attempt at each fling, so use these dotted lines as a guide for whether you need a higher, lower, stronger or weaker shot on the next, hopefully more successful attempt!

- If you're struggling to unlock a new stage, you have two options. You can unlock it by spending a little extra money in the cash store, or there's an easier way. Go back to the very early levels in each stage, where you're introduced to new mechanics. These are very easy to get all three memory fragments from. Don't spend money unless you really have to!

- Be very careful with the jelly-coated surfaces. They can very easily launch Cyto into danger, so plan your moves with these surfaces very carefully indeed.

- Don't forget that you can detach Cyto from the orb he's attached to by tapping on the orb itself. If you do this, he'll drop cleanly - but make sure he doesn't fall off the screen, otherwise you'll have to restart the level completely.

- If a level's got you really stumped, try breaking it down into smaller components, or approaching it differently by targeting a different memory fragment first. This will very often reveal the specific path you have to take to successfully complete the level.

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