By: Chris Buffa February 21, 2013 0 Comments

Electronic Arts' sexy-looking iOS game is almost here.

As Real Racing 3's February 27 release date draws near, Electronic Arts and Firemonkeys hope to keep interest levels high, and the latest teaser is a good place to start. While a bit short on actual game footage (and short in general at 29 seconds), you'll catch a glimpse of action, however brief.

In fact, you'll also spy a quote from us. Don't worry. We're not here to brag. After all, we awarded the game a three-out-of-five, despite the "blew us away" trailer quote.

Where did those words come from? A previous article (not the Real Racing 3 review), following a hands-on demo that lasted a couple of minutes. Suffice to say, the visuals had us drooling. Of course, to find out the early verdict on Real Racing 3, you should read our review.

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