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Chillingo will raise the level cap to 60, and that's just for starters.

We hope you're a big fan of Chillingo's Puzzle Craft, because the publisher has a huge update coming February 28. Referred to as Treasure Hunt, the downloadable content features full iPhone 5 and additional language support, a new level cap (60) and the option to search one's farm for hidden items.


There's a lot more. Players will discover new buildings, hire new workers, harness abilities that only new tools can provide and complete collections of goodies. Behold the full breakdown:

New Gameplay

-Build an Archaeologist to find treasure chests and open the chests with the correct chains of tiles to get valuable treasures.

-Build a Museum to unlock new collections; find unique items in treasure chests and complete collections to get an XP bonus.

-Max. level changed from 35 to 60.

-Max. number of Workers for Hire changed to 75.

New Workers: Digger, Excavator, Hunter, Ratcatcher, Sapper, Fruit Merchant, Animal Merchant, Gem Dealer, Banker, Treasure Hunter, Treasure Huntress.

New Buildings: New Mine Shaft, Big Workshop, Silo, Big Kennel, Library, Steam Engine, Recruiting Agency, Chapel, Exchange, Archaeologist's, Museum, Imperial Castle.

New Unique Tools Found Only In Treasure Chests: Philosopher's Stone, Rose-colored Glass, Golden Apple, Golden Idol, Magic Lamp, Magic Flute.

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