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Nineteenth-century Sweden and giant turtles. What has the mobile world come to?

Considering recent games, it appears February intends to go out with a proverbial bang. The quality increased exponentially, and we've had a blast checking out the newest iOS and Android titles, which brings us to this week. For iPhone and iPad gamers, we have a strange yet satisfying journey through a mysterious forest, while Google Play fanatics received an iOS port they should download immediately.

iOS: Year Walk [Download]


We'll always have a soft sport for games like Year Walk. Both bizarre and enchanting, this intriguing adventure sends players through dark and mysterious woods filled with creatures and unique puzzles to solve. Each discovered clue will bring you one step closer to seeing the future. Yes, it sounds a bit kooky, but Year Walk is without question one of the best games of 2013 and a game of the year candidate. Besides, how many titles have you played based on 19th century Swedish folklore? Probably none, which is one reason why this game stands out.

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Android: Shellrazer [Download: Android/iOS]


It's a shame so many iOS games take months before heading to Android, but as the old saying goes, better late than never. In Shellrazer's case, you'll receive one of the best-playing and addictive games, as you guide a humongous War Turtle through the Goblin Kingdoms battling archers, sheep riders and mutants, to name a few. Rescue and recruit prisoners, unleash super powers and experiment with different characters to create the ultimate death-dealing troop. We loved this game last year and still think quite highly of it. You'll definitely feel the same, but there's a catch. The first 10 levels are available free-of-charge, so you'll eventually have to pay to experience all Shellrazer has to offer. Our opinion? It's worth the dough.

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