By: Chris Buffa February 22, 2013 0 Comments

Hollywood heartthrobs…err…monsters duke it out for interstellar supremacy.

Following the disastrous Aliens: Colonial Marines, fans can look forward to the next great hope, that being AVP: Evolution. Turns out, this third-person adventure will make its long-awaited iOS and Android debut February 28, which is already a packed day for games as it is.

Developed by Angry Mob Games, AVP: Evolution pits the iconic Aliens and Predator creatures against each other with space marines in the middle of the conflict. You can't play as the gun-toting army guys, but you can skewer them real good, and if that doesn't sound appealing, well, their heads come off.

We previewed the game last week, so for more info, read our AVP: Evolution hands-on.

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