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Hope you freed up some time this weekend.

There's a good chance this week will go down as one of the best in mobile gaming history. There are at least three big-name titles that could dominate the App Store charts, along with updates for Plague Inc. and Bad Piggies. On that note, charge up your device of choice and get ready to experience these potential must plays.

AVP: Evolution


Now that the Aliens: Colonial Marines firestorm has subsided, we can turn our collective attention to this third-person brawler from Angry Mob Games. Once again, the iconic Alien and Predator battle it out with heavily-armed marines caught in the middle of the conflict. You'll slaughter enemies as both monsters, and there's even a level starring a facehugger. Throw in attention-grabbing visuals and a content-rich upgrade system, and AVP: Evolution could do both characters justice.

Real Racing 3


The sequel to one of the biggest mobile racing franchises of all time revs our engines with near console quality graphics and highly detailed tracks. Choose from a wide variety of real-world vehicles painstakingly recreated by the talented developers at Firemonkeys and blow past the competition en route the finish line. The coolest feature, by far, is TimeShift multiplayer, which allows you to compete against computer-controlled vehicles that drive similar to actual players from across the globe.

Star Wars Pinball


The Force is strong with Zen Studios' newest pinball/movie spin-off. Enjoy three gorgeous tables inspired by The Empire Strikes Back, The Clone Wars and Boba Fett. Luke Skywalker battles Darth Vader in their epic Cloud City duel, while Anakin Skywalker mixes it up with some pesky Battle Droids. Ah yes, and there's pinball thrown in for good measure. We have a feeling Star Wars Pinball will become an instant favorite.

Toy Story: Smash It!


If you ever wondered how a 3D Angry Birds would play, look no further than Disney's Pixar-inspired effort. As Buzz Lightyear, you toss balls at various structures to knock them down. The game comes with well over 60 levels, power-ups and characters from the Toy Story universe, including Woody, Rex, Hamm and Jessie.



Bulkypix plans to release a cool-looking platformer that casts you as a bear with the ability to walk on light and shadows. This mechanic factors heavily into mastering the game's 100 plus levels. Over time, you'll discover bonus stages, new bears and more. Not sure how this one will play, and we can't wait to find out.

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