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To the App Store, and beyond.

We'd like to think that at some point, Rovio Entertainment will create a 3D Angry Birds. Until that presumably joyous day comes, we have Disney's Toy Story: Smash It!, an iPhone and iPad title that takes elements from not only the Angry Birds franchise, but also Electronic Arts' critically acclaimed Boom Blox series, mixed with a delightful presentation featuring popular characters from the Toy Story universe. Oh yes, and you play as Buzz Lightyear. It doesn't get much better than that.


Each of the game's 60 levels task you with smashing blocks using balls and other items, with the goal of causing those adorable green aliens from the Toy Story movies to fall from their perches. That being the case, you simply pull back on the screen to bring up a targeting reticule, plot the trajectory and watch the resulting chaos.

What makes Smash It! especially cool is the ability to move Buzz left and right via arrows on the screen, which gives you a variety of unique angles from which to plot your next move. Adjusting his position enables you to see puzzles from different perspectives while at the same time revealing solutions that result in plenty of "a-ha" moments.

We also love the actual puzzles. Disney dreamed up a plethora of tricky levels set within different environments, like Andy's bedroom or the Wild West, complete with aliens aboard trains slowly making their way back and forth across the screen. This ties into the different projectiles Buzz has access to, from a rocket to a balloon you inflate with a single button press. You may even spy a present that, once struck, explodes to cause a chain reaction.

Thing is, the game sets itself apart from Angry Birds not just with 3D, but also the strategically placed blocks that spell out the word T-O-Y. To receive three gold stars per level, you must eliminate both the aliens and collect those blocks, which makes Smash It! trickier than expected.


Beyond that, Disney did remarkable work integrating the Toy Story theme throughout the entire game. Buzz Lightyear takes the starring role, but you'll also receive cameos from Woody, Jessie, Hamm and Rex, among other characters. On top of that, familiar music from the movies plays in the background, and voices add personality to both Buzz and his extraterrestrial buddies. Kids will love it.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to download Toy Story: Smash It!, from the head-scratching puzzles to the welcome fan service. Appropriate for all ages, Disney has once again provided an iOS title that does the respective license proud, and with more levels on the way via update, we expect to keep this game on our devices throughout the year.

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What's Hot:Excellent Toy Story presentation, 60 imaginative 3D puzzles, outstanding physics.

What's Not:No use nitpicking, really.


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