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Puncturing skulls, ripping off heads.

The battle for the universe rages in AVP: Evolution, Angry Mob Games' Alien versus Predator beat-em-up that pits two of the fiercest movie monsters against each other in a creature-take-all smack down. Currently available for both iOS and Android, this blood-filled adventure lets you play as both characters and make use of signature abilities, from the Alien's devastating acid spit and inner-jaw attack to the Predator's Smart Disc and shoulder cannon. You can succumb to the computer-controlled marines, androids and xenomorphs, or you can leave behind a pile of limbs with this AVP: Evolution cheats and tips guide.


-Rapidly press attack buttons to whittle away an opponent's health, to the point where a skull appears above its head. This means you can execute a fatality. Press the corresponding skull on the bottom right corner of the screen, then quickly follow the on-screen prompts to deliver the knockout blow. Doing this refills your character's health meter.

-You'll also need to pull off fatalities to activate special moves, like the Alien's facehugger call.

-Be sure to adjust camera sensitivity in the Options menu. If manually adjusting it sounds like too much work, go for Camera Auto Adjust.

-You'll cover more ground by performing a lunge. Simply tilt the virtual analog stick in the desired direction and press the B button. This is the best way to avoid taking damage from enemies carrying ranged weapons.

-Pause the game and press the Combo List button to view the Alien and Predator's list of maneuvers.

-Don't forget to block, which you can do by pressing the B button while standing still.

-Utilize cover whenever possible. This is the only way to avoid taking damage from gun turrets and smart gun-carrying marines.

-The Predator's heat vision allows you to spot trip lasers.

-Lost? Look for the on-screen arrow and move towards it.

-It's OK to run. Example: Don't take on marines and a drop ship. Instead, lose the aircraft and trick those enemies to fall into your trap.

-Both the Alien and Predator earn Xeno and Honor points independently of each other. Use these points in the Store to upgrade your character,

-Tougher levels will be much easier if you upgrade your character. From extra health slots to special moves and gear. Each piece was designed to boost a monster's abilities.

-Low on Xeno and Honor points? You can always purchase combo packs for $1.99, $5.99, $9.99, $19.99 and $49.99 from the Store.

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