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Sucking the poison out.

Broken into its most basic components, Copenhagen Creators' Killer Snake is a glorified game of chicken. Your job is to travel the world in search of 10 types of dangerous snakes in the hope of collecting venom to produce serum. This involves teasing the heck out of fanged reptiles milliseconds before the suckers attempt to bite and subsequently kill you. Not exactly the deepest iPhone and iPad title, but oddly enjoyable all the same.


The game sends you to five locations around the world, all of which have unique snakes to mess with. North America, for example, has rattlesnakes, while Asia and Africa contain the King Cobra and Black Mamba, respectively. The developers even provide some factoids on each type.

As for the gameplay, you simply press the screen to move in a circular pattern around the environment. Once you attract a snake's attention, you then place a finger on its head to kick start the animal's "Snake Rage."

The brief (and we mean brief) moments before the bite are critical. You need to remove your finger just before the snake strikes to collect the serum and a modest number of gold coins required to unlock new areas; you can also purchase coins using cash, and 10 percent of the proceeds go towards The Antivenom Swazi Foundation.


We'd love to say virtual snakes don't scare us, but that would be a lie. The rattlers, Tommygoff and other slithery critters look and behave realistically enough to suspend a level of disbelief, however slight, and the ensuing adrenaline rush was somewhat shocking, given the fact that we were never in danger to begin with.

That said, two things mar the experience. First, there's a considerable lack of depth with so few areas to explore. Second, unless you feel charitable, it will take a lot of grinding to unlock everything, so expect to visit the U.S. and South America (and stare at the same scenery) quite a few times. Of course, Killer Snake is free, so what did you expect? Will you play it months from now? Probably not, but it's the sort of guilty pleasure that'll entertain you a few minutes each day.

Download Killer Snake (iOS)

What's Hot:Realistic-looking snakes, intense gameplay, IAP proceeds go to a good cause.

What's Not:Only five environments, too much grinding to unlock everything.


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