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Aliens, Predators and one ticked off bounty hunter.

As we expected, the last week in February produced quite a few must-play games, including Real Racing 3 and Toy Story: Smash It!, neither of which won the overall iOS and Android top spots. The App Store welcomed two of Hollywood's coolest monsters, while Google Play took us to a familiar galaxy far, far away. Here's what you should play this weekend.

iOS: AVP: Evolution [Download: iOS/Android]


Angry Mob Games cut its virtual teeth on the entertaining Predators a while back, so we expected nothing but quality from its newest offering, AVP: Evolution. Thankfully, the studio delivered a thoroughly entertaining Alien versus Predator hack-and-slash that lets users play as both monsters, harnessing each creature's signature abilities to shred marines, androids and other extraterrestrials. The Alien comes equipped with acid spitting, the option to call on facehuggers at will and the devastating jaw attack, while the Predator carves up enemies with its wrist blades and Smart Disk; or perhaps you prefer to finish adversaries off using the shoulder cannon. Beautiful graphics compliment the on-screen carnage, and the Store lets gamers swap points for body parts, masks and armor. It's basic combat, admittedly, but considering the high level of polish, we have no qualms recommending this one.

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Android: Star Wars Pinball [Download: Android]


After doing the Marvel universe justice, Zen Studios turned its attention to George Lucas' celebrated Star Wars franchise and did masterful work bringing The Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett and The Clone Wars to life. Yes, it plays a fantastic game of pinball, but this impressive title does a fine job capturing the essence of Star Wars. Luke and Vader battle on Cloud City, Boba Fett uses his rocket pack to fly around and Anakin Skywalker squares off against Battle Droids, with familiar sound effects and music in the background. Throw in Hotseat multiplayer, global leaderboards and a variety of camera angles, and Star Wars Pinball will delight even non-fans.

Star Wars Pinball Review

Editor's Note: Star Wars Pinball will be available on the iOS App Store as a standalone download. That said, you can purchase all three tables through Zen Pinball and Zen Pinball HD (Android).

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