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What's looking hot for the App Store this week?

We're only a matter of hours away from getting our hands on the latest crop of gaming goodies from the App Store, but which ones are worthy of your attention? We've dusted off our crystal ball to see which of the big-name games you need to know about this week.

Block Fortress

Now this one looks like fun. First you'll have to construct your own world, then jump into first-person shooter mode to take out the invading forces - just like in a tower-defense game. Sounds like an interesting blend of genres to us, and there are plenty of weapons, upgrades and crafting to be had from the game.

Liberation Maiden

If neon laser bullet hell shoot 'em-ups are your bag then Liberation Maiden should probably be your first stop tomorrow. It's current available for $6.49 (NZD) over on the over side of the world, so don't expect it to leave you with too much spare change when it hits the US App Store. We'll take a look at the game for you instead and let you know if it's worth the cash.

Journey to Hell

Normally we'd let out a bit of a groan at the thought of yet another undead-blasting mobile game, but with publisher Bulkypix describing the game as "cliche-packed" we have to give them credit for self-awareness. Expect violence, thoroughly unfriendly weaponry, ungodly creatures and heavy metal in this 3D action game.

Knitted Deer

Flying the flag for gloriously eccentric mobile gaming is Josh Presseisen's Knitted Deer. A relatively simple endless runner, Knitted Deer's USP is that you take charge of a knitted deer, dashing across the landscape of a hideous Christmas sweater. Keep an eye out for our review of this one - it could be quite a yarn...

Fury Of The Gods

Back in the more familiar land of shouty and aggressive gaming, Chillingo's Fury of the Gods is set in the world of ancient Greek mythology. You'll have to use your divine powers to see off a barbaric assault on your temples, and as you'll see from the video above it doesn't look too shabby at all. It looks in fact like a sort of Populous-meets-tower-defense affair - a pretty good combo in our book.

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