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Evokes fond memories playing N64. Whether or not that's cool is up to you.

ATV Wild Ride 3D harks back to a simpler time when games were less complex. That said, it's no surprise that we immediately thought of the Nintendo 64 days while playing this latest effort from Renegade Kid, with images of four friends crowding around a Sony Trinitron TV for some split-screen multiplayer, except in this case, you're free to compete online.


When it comes to this title (and as the old saying goes), what you see is indeed what you get. Available for $7.99, ATV Wild Ride doesn't contain imaginative modes or eye-popping visuals. Instead, it's about as barebones an experience as you'll find on the 3DS racing scene, which is fine if that's what you're after. Yes, the game comes with 24 tracks set in such countries as Mexico, Thailand and England, but most are just extended or reversed. As for the riders, there's little to separate these extreme competitors from each other, other than name and color of fatigues, while the ATVs differ in top speed, acceleration and handling, without the option to tinker with these vehicles to boost stats in any conceivable way.

As for the racing, it's fairly basic with one caveat, that being the ability to perform tricks while in the air to fill a boost meter that is essential to winning difficult tours; speaking of those, it's the usual system by which you amass the requisite number of points to unlock the next event.


Where the game manages to shine is with the aforementioned online play. Granted, Wild Ride just went on sale, but once you locate fellow players, jumping into a race is quite easy and seamless, without much lag to ruin things.

Taking that into account, ATV Wild Ride 3D was clearly designed as a quick-play arcade-style game, and while the visuals do very little with the hardware, you'll probably come back to this title more than you originally thought. Just don't go into it with high expectations.

Review code provided by Renegade Kid.

What's Hot:Old school racing with online multiplayer, 24 different tracks to master, small variety of riders and ATVs to unlock.

What's Not:Unimpressive visuals, short on options, $7.99 is too expensive.


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