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Not your ordinary camel.

If you played Metal Slug 2 for iOS and Android last month, Metal Slug X will seem familiar for good reason. SNK released X as an apology of sorts in 1999, largely because performance issues plagued Metal Slug 2. As such, both games share similar bad guys, levels and the same four playable characters, but a few unique features help make this revamped edition stand out. Whether or not you'll feel like spending another $3.99 depends on how big a fan you are.

With X, SNK not only increased the number of enemies, but also changed their positions. That being the case, you'll square off against foot soldiers, mummies and bosses at different points within the game. On top of that, you can expect three new weapons added to the Metal Slug arsenal, those being the Iron Lizard, Drop Shot and Enemy Chaser, all of which do a fine job complimenting the reliable Heavy Machine Gun, Rocket Launcher (more like "Lowncher"), Shotgun and other dangerous toys. To top things off, SNK even switched the times of day, giving you the opportunity to experience levels at dusk, twilight and sunset.

Beyond that, it's the classic Metal Slug formula. You'll rescue POWs, collect trinkets (even a baby from time to time), tangle with huge mechanical contraptions and hitch a ride on a heavily-armed camel or mech. Good thing, as there is no shortage of things to blast, from bats and aliens to soldiers, attack choppers and sword-wielding nut jobs. The action hardly lets up.

Then we have the quality presentation, headlined by the game's impressive animation. From the way a zombie unravels when destroyed to gushes of blood erupting from slit throats, Metal Slug X has an abundance of eye candy that manages to look outstanding more than 10 years following its release; on a side note, SNK lets you add scan lines to give the game an old school arcade appearance.


Similar to Metal Slugs past, you're free to customize the controls by moving the virtual stick and buttons around the screen. At the same time, there's no amount of manipulation that'll make you prefer this setup over a more traditional controller. We lost countless lives simply because we were unable to move away from projectiles fast enough.

Granted, that doesn't ruin the game, and you eventually get used to the touchscreen. In the end, it all comes down to whether you're OK with spending another four bucks to download Metal Slug 2.5. If so, then Metal Slug X will do a fine job putting your shooting skills to the test.

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What's Hot:Remixed version of Metal Slug 2 with different enemy placement and new weapons, customizable buttons, four playable characters, impressive animations and effects.

What's Not:Somewhat frustrating touch controls, very similar to Metal Slug 2.


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