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All the world's a stage.

Little has changed in the endless running sub genre, but stagnation has yet to prevent us from downloading the most recent titles. Case in point, Outland Games, an iPhone and iPad platformer from developer Uber Entertainment set within the Monday Night Combat universe. Collecting coins, jumping across spiked pits and buying upgrades from the shop are par for the course, and you know what? We dig it.


Similar to the Arnold Schwarzenegger film Running Man, you play as a game show contestant sent into hostile territory with the goal of staying alive as long as possible for the audience's amusement. Except here, you literally cannot stop running, and need to make split second decisions to survive, whether that means leaping over a chasm or destroying enemy robots dotting the 2D landscape. Mines? Breakable walls? Lava? All that and more will get in your way.

That said, the controls will be instantly familiar if you play similar games, tapping one side of the screen to jump (tap twice to double jump), the other to attack. One hit is all it takes to die. From there, the game tallies your final score/coins gathered/distance. Then you hit the replay button and have another go.


Where Outland Games stands apart from the competition is the humorous announcer that provides a series of one-liners and the sheer number of things you can purchase in the aforementioned shop, from new outfits and weapons to upgrades that'll somewhat increase the odds in your favor. In fact, the customization options are such that you can switch appearances altogether, swapping genders or even settling for a snowman head. As for weapons, bad guys will run for their lives once they catch sight of your dreaded baby rattle and candy cane.

At the end of the day, though, Outland Games is the same old runner we've played over the last few years. On the positive side, it is both polished and fun, making it a worthwhile download regardless of whether or not you played Monday Night Combat. That said, you don't need to know anything about that Xbox Live Arcade shooter to enjoy what this quality game has to offer.

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What's Hot:Wise-cracking announcer, controls anyone can get the hang of, wealth of costumes and weapons in the shop, visually stimulating 2D graphics.

What's Not:Doesn't bring anything new to the genre.


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