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The reel thing.

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If the developers at Super Crate Box studio Vlambeer bear any - understandable - grudges against Ninja Fishing, the iOS game that did more than lean upon the original Flash version of Ridiculous Fishing, then they do a remarkably admirable job of disguising it. Read through the studio's Twitter feed, or comments left beneath YouTube videos that accuse them of copying the game, and you'll see nothing but good-natured responses.


To be clear, this is the real fishing deal, triumphantly released on the App Store yesterday evening. While Vlambeer would no doubt have chosen to avoid the circumstances of the game's development and release, there's no denying that it's got press and fans alike championing the indie studio's cause.

So what is this unusual game all about? It's a three stage affair featuring a gruff fisherman sitting in a boat upon the open seas. Taking charge of this fishing expedition, your first task is to guide the line down into the depths using the tilt function of your device, while avoiding the huge array of colorful fish as you head downwards.


Once you've either reached the end of your current fishing line, or run into any of the aquatic animals, the line will start winding back up while the chirpy music runs in reverse. Your task now is to guide the line back up towards the surface, snagging as many different fish as possible while avoiding any jellyfish which will deduct money from your haul.

So far so fishing, but where the game really earns its title is from the event that begins at the surface. Your fish collection bursts upwards into the sky, and you have to assault them with an assortment of high-powered weaponry - the more you kill, the more money you earn. It is insanely good fun, and even if you normally shy away from tilt controls, the overall experience will place a permanent grin on your face.


That money is used to purchase upgrades from the store. Fishing lines can be extended, affording you the chance to grab a bigger haul on future attempts. Shotguns, Uzis, ray-guns and mini-guns can be equipped to keep the massacre amusingly fresh. Different tech upgrades illuminate the seas or save you from your first fish collision, while your fisherman can also be given cosmetic upgrades.

The presentation impresses as much as the gameplay. Of all the things that have made us excited about mobile gaming over the last year or so, we've yet to be thrilled by a font and yet the crispness of the interface is as impressive as the colorful, hand-crafted creatures that populate the oceans. Grab enough different species and you'll even open up new landscapes to go to work on - and they all look stunning.


It's been a long and frustrating journey for Vlambeer to bring Ridiculous Fishing to the market, but for gamers it's certainly been well worth the wait. Let's hope the reward for the developers is success on the App Store, and that this particular fisherman's tale has a very happy ending.

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What's Hot:Superb, original and entertaining gameplay, wrapped up in an usually slick presentation

What's Not:Once you've unlocked everything, you may not play much longer.


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