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Ridiculously good advice for this great new game.

Vlambeer's Ridiculous Fishing is finally out now on the App Store, and we had a blast playing through the game in our review earlier today. If you're looking for a few hints and tips for bringing home a decent haul, we've got all the information you need to know.


- You should avoid jellyfish at all costs - both on the way down and on the way up. Bring any jellyfish to the surface, and shooting them will inflict a penalty against your earnings. As with any of the fish, touching them on the way down will cause your line to rise back up if it hasn't been upgraded.

- After experimenting with the gun types, we still feel that the dual Uzis offer up the most effective assault against your flying fish. Hold down on the screen where you want to aim, and your fisherman will automatically rip through them. Clear the ones at the bottom of the pile to keep moving up the screen.

- To get the big bucks it's very important that you keep your lines upgraded so you can dig deeper into the ocean - and return to the surface with a lot more fish on the hook. Concentrate on investing in this upgrade until you can get to at least 300m - the pay-off for making more money in the long run is well worth it.

- Whenever you use an upgrade that causes your line to sink more quickly, be very careful about where you let go. The screen shake is very erratic, and if you don't wait for an empty part of the screen it can be very easy to collide with a fish!

- Another way of increasing your earnings considerably early on is to save up some cash for the Toaster upgrade. With this equipped, the first fish you touch on the way down will be electrocuted, and you'll be able to carry on downwards until you hit a second fish.

- If you've got a chainsaw upgrade attached to your line, holding down on the screen will not only sink the line more quickly, but it will also slice through any fish you come into contact with for a quick injection of cash. Just make sure you don't run out of fuel and end up getting your hook caught early on.

- Don't forget to work on your tech upgrades either - these can be very useful for helping fish to fly further, giving you more time to shoot them down, or helping the link rise to the surface more slowly so you can grab more fish on the way.

- Want to know how much a particular fish will bring in for you, and how to spot one? Grab the Fishopedia from the store, then tap on the phone that vibrates on the boat. From here, you'll be able to go through the list and find out which are the most profitable catches.

- If you want to change your location, tap on the phone icon in-game, then head to the map section of the interface. From here, just tap on whichever part of the world you wish to go fishing in and you'll be whisked off!

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