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Par for the course.

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How do you follow up on one of mobile gaming's biggest success stories, Super Stickman Golf? Well, for this sequel, the developers at Noodlecake Studios have gone for the tried and tested formula of 'more is better'. There are more courses, filled with the same devilishly silly golfing challenges. More multiplayer modes allow for pass-and-play local competition, as well as frantic races to the cup online. There are more upgrades to take advantage of. Everywhere you look there's new content, while the core gameplay stays faithful to the spirit of the original.


You'll likely start off in the game's single-player campaign, slowly unlocking new courses by clearing earlier ones below-par, and leveling up your character with exceptional performances. The courses here are as tight as ever, from slippery and jagged ice themed worlds, to sticky lands where balls defy gravity and hang from vertical inclines. The challenge, smooth at first, soon ramps up as you leave the early levels - perhaps a little too steeply - and begin to tackle magnetic worlds where your ball is repulsed by waves of magnetism.

There's no shortage of upgrades to take with you on the courses either. Mess up a shot and you can use a Mulligan for a second chance. Sticky balls allow you to take shortcuts if you're feeling confident, while magnetic balls take a shine to metallic surfaces. You can only use 7 of these powerups during each course, so careful strategic planning is essential if you're to make the most of them.


When you're done with the campaign, you can take on the challenge of a handful of multiplayer modes. The turn-based component sees you head back and forth with a friend as you tackle holes one after another - it has a neat replay system too if you want to watch how they tackled the challenge. A four player cup mode is equally fun, and requires fast play as you race in real-time towards the cup. If the steep difficulty curve of the single player campaign doesn't keep you on edge, the extremely tense and nervous task of maintaining concentration here certainly will.

There are a handful of in-app purchases associated with this premium game, and while for the most part they're inobtrusive, there is one that can't help but take a little shine off the experience. Once you've paid your dollar for the game, you can purchase an upgrade for twice that amount so that your game will remember the strength of your previous shot - it's a rather clumsy cost for what seems like a pretty fundamental mechanic for both singleplayer and multiplayer. You'll also have to cough up another $2.99 if you want to play a large number of simultaneous multiplayer matches.


Fans of the previous game won't need a review - they'll already have grabbed the game at launch. For those entirely new to the series though, know that while Super Stickman Golf 2 is fiendishly addictive, and stuffed to the brim with content and challenges, there are just a few inelegant fumbles when it comes to dipping deeper into your pockets.

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What's Hot:The same fantastic gameplay that fans of the series have come to expect, and there's plenty more of it this time around too.

What's Not:Some of the in-app purchases are clumsy, but there's a lot of content to enjoy before it becomes a problem.


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