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Catch a whopper and dominate the golf course. You can't go wrong with either game.

Now this is what we call a fantastic week of iOS and Android gaming. For iPhone and iPad, we have an over-the-top and highly enjoyable fishing title. Meanwhile, Android users can tackle one of the craziest, off-the-wall sports games to grace the platform; turns out, App Store players can do the same. Bottom line, you're about to experience some of the coolest smartphone and tablet games regardless of which device you own.

iOS: Ridiculous Fishing - A Tale of Redemption [Download]


It's safe to say that mobile games don't get much better than Ridiculous Fishing. What we have is the perfect marriage of cool concept and quality execution with plenty of humor added for good measure. Obviously, the goal is to catch as much fish as possible, and you do this by tilting the iPhone or iPad to avoid hazards, then watch as the lure ascends, grabbing as many sea creatures as possible. Once it reaches the surface, those suckers fly into the air, whereupon which you blow them up with a variety of weapons. So not the most realistic fishing game on the iOS App Store, but it's without question one of the best we've had the privilege of downloading in a long time. Simply put, you need this in your life.

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Android: Super Stickman Golf 2 [Download: Android/iOS]


The original Super Stickman Golf picked up no shortage of accolades, and its sequel follows in its predecessor's footsteps, but with even more appealing features. Try 20 brand-new courses to master, 60 achievements and we're just getting started. The developers at Noodlecake Studios added iCloud support, customizable characters and even two local multiplayer modes. Basically, enough content to keep you glued to the screen for weeks, and there should be a stream of free updates in this title's future. If you're in search of a different kind of golf game, look no further.

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