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Our complete guide to the match-three mayhem.

The very moreish match-three gameplay of Garfield's Gem has sent it soaring up the App Store charts in recent days, and we've hardly put it down ourselves. We've got some handy hints and tips for you, so read on for a little advice on how to nail a new high score.


- You don't need to buy tokens from the in-app purchase store in order to take part in the toy capsule mini-game. Once you've played a certain number of times, you'll receive free tokens to put in the machine, so don't feel you have to spend money via the in-app purchase store.

- In general it's worth working from the bottom of the screen upwards. Once you've run out of matches in the lower half of the screen, you should then switch your attention to new tile cascades, as these are where your fastest new matches are going to come from.

- If you're really, really stuck in the game and you haven't found a match after a couple of seconds, hit the pause button. In most match-three games, the gameplay area will be obscured to stop you planning "off the clock", but not here. Use this to avoid wasting too much time.

- While it pays to be fast and keep the match-threes coming, do keep an eye on the bigger picture. Matches of four or five pay off with a much bigger score, so don't waste any large points opportunities for the sake of a quick match.

- With that said, the faster you can keep the matches coming, the better your combo score will be. The game rewards you for making matches thick and fast, so always have one eye on your next move.

- Work the whole screen! You don't have to wait for the current cascade to end before you can turn your attention to another part of the screen. If you want to use a tile that's currently being affected by a cascade, you won't be able to move it - but everything else on the screen is fair game. The faster you work, the more points you'll earn.

- Keep an eye out for any pulsating tiles on the screen - this is the game giving you a gentle hint for your next move. Take a look at the surrounding tiles, as you'll have an easy match on your hands if you can spot it.

- Don't waste your Garfield Points in the early days while you're practicing and getting as good as you can. They're used for adding time to the clock, wildcards to the playing area, multipliers to scores, and gem explosions. You only get a few for free though, so save 'em up for when you can get the most out of them.

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