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A guide to all the characters and items in the latest event.

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The Simpsons: Tapped Out has just been given a brand-new update to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Here's the lowdown on all of the new characters and items you can find in the new content.


Wishing Well

The Wishing Well costs 150 Donuts to stick in the ground, but in exchange you'll gain access to the Leprechaun character.


There are no jobs associated with this character, but you can tap on him in exchange for 2 XP. After 10 taps, you'll receive 25 XP.

Shamrock Topiary

The Shamrock Topiary is awarded to players when they have completed the ninth section of the St. Patrick's Day event involving Homer, Willy and Tom. This is a very expensive vanity item, so make sure you have plenty of spare cash before shelling out for it!

O' Flanagan's Pub

The O' Flanagan's Pub building becomes available once you've completed the quest chain. Purchasing this building also unlocks the character Tom O' Flanagan.

Tom O' Flanagan

Once you've unlocked Tom O' Flanagan by purchasing his pub you can take part in a variety of his jobs. Here are all the tasks associated with this character.

Task Reward Time required
Watch Old Horse Race Tapes 17 XP / 70 Cash 1 hour
Clean Beer Mugs 70 XP / 275 Cash 8 hours
Serve Drinks 45 XP / 175 Cash 4 hours
Visit The Track 35 XP / 135 Cash 3 hours
Do an Irish Jig 100 XP / 420 Cash 12 hours

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