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Fly the boring skies.

Taking off is easy. It's the landing you have to worry about. That's the premise behind Reludo's Mayday! Emergency Landing for iPhone and iPad, a game that gets the concept of in-app purchasing all wrong. So much so, that the developer's received quite a few negative reviews on the App Store. Now it's about to receive one from Modojo.


Before downloading this presumably free-to-play airplane simulator, know this: the game costs $6.99. That's the amount you'll need to spend in order to access the entire game and future mission packs. Otherwise, you can pay $1.99 for just four missions, or $4.99 for 40. Considering that's the total number of missions in the entire game, yes, even the updates come at a cost. Suffice to say, this shady advertising left us feeling about as comfortable as a cross-country flight in coach.

What do you receive after downloading Mayday? Two training missions, neither of which do an adequate job selling the product, as you'll breeze through them in roughly 10 minutes or less.

Money-grubbing tactics aside, the game's merely average. The whole idea is to land different types of aircraft while dealing with a plethora of emergencies, like turbulence, bad weather, an on-board fire and busted landing gear. The key to success involves tilting the iOS device up or down to ascend/descend, then right and left to roll. Doing this maintains acceptable altitude and speed levels so long as you remain within the flight path, marked with green rings you'll need to fly through.

Not a bad concept, really, but the game's a snooze fest. Despite the handful of dangers (that fire in particular), the developers failed to achieve drama. Yes, you'll hear the occasional gasp from passengers, but for the most part, the whole scenario is strangely calm and devoid of Hollywood-style action music. At least make us feel like we're in a movie.


Beyond that, the graphics don't impress. The tropical-themed locations look passable because it's a lot of blue with dots of green, but the cities are just a bunch of buildings stuck in the middle of some huge blurry mess.

The fact that Mayday! Emergency Landing doesn't live up to its name disappoints us more than the in-app nonsense. We can deal with shelling out $7 so long as the game delivers an intense Denzel Washington Flight kind of experience, but it simply plods along without suspense. On that note, your captain advises you to spend your money and free time elsewhere.

Download Mayday! Emergency Landing (iOS)

What's Hot:Forty missions spread across a variety of different locations, quality tilt controls.

What's Not:Only two free missions, weird IAP prices, no suspense.


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