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Asynchronous and loving it.

Both iOS and Android users have become addicted to Mini Golf MatchUp, a highly enjoyable asynchronous multiplayer game that pits random opponents and Facebook friends against each other across a variety of courses. With a seemingly endless number of competitors and a bunch of gold stars to collect, we're here to help with this cheats and tips guide.


-Scoring a Hole-In-One should be your top priority, as you stand to gain the most points (10,000) for the least amount of strokes. That said, don't become too obsessed with gems.

-Of course, you should pick up gems whenever possible, especially the big purple ones that are worth 2,000 points per hole.

-Each small (yellow) gem you pick up is 100 points. You'll score 1,000 bonus points for collecting all of these gems on one hole.

-If you score a Hole-In-One, the game automatically applies a 2x points multiplier on the next hole, which doubles your score.

-Watch opponent replays to learn new strategies, as well as things to avoid.

-Don't pull too far back before hitting the ball. There's a good chance it'll fly off the terrain.

-Use pipes to transport the ball to the green while also avoiding hazards.

-Complete in-game missions to earn stars, used to unlock new courses. Pay close attention to the current list of objectives right before playing.

-You must claim achievements to add stars to your total.

-Depending on what's more important, you may need to sacrifice victories in exchange for stars.

-Messed up? Press the Do Over button at the top of the screen to receive a second chance. Keep in mind you can only use this once per hole.

-You keep previously collected gems when selecting Do Over.

-You receive one free Do Over per game. After that, you'll need to buy more at 50 coins a piece.

-Don't forget to play. Neglecting the game for five-to-seven days will result in match forfeits.

-You can remove ads, but it'll cost $1.99.

-You can prevent users from messaging you by accessing Account Settings, then Manage Blocked Users.

-Beware of different hazards, like the Octopus, Dinosaur and Windmill. As the saying goes, it's all in the timing.

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