By: Chris Buffa March 29, 2013 0 Comments

Everyone wants to be billionaire Tony Stark.

Iron Man 3 blasts its way to theaters May 3, and Gameloft will attempt to compliment the film with an endless running (more like flying) game for iOS and Android. The decision to go this route instead of an open world/mission based title is a bit strange, though given the casual-friendly nature of the project, there's a good chance such a risk will pay off.

Players take control of Iron Man as the Marvel superhero flies through a variety of locations. For now, users direct the suit-wearing Tony Stark by pressing the right and left portions of the screen, though Gameloft has plans to add accelerometer controls. Good thing, because we found the game a bit difficult to control, especially when you factor in shooting enemies with on-screen taps.

Although we didn't see this demoed, the game will include multiple suits players can unlock and there will be upgrades available. On that note, we'll cross our fingers that Gameloft avoids the superhero video game curse when Iron Man 3: The Official Game debuts in the near future. That said, watch the trailer to see this visually impressive title in action.

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