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Smell what The Rock is cooking.

This Sunday, The Rock battles John Cena in a WrestleMania rematch. Meanwhile, virtual Rock takes on a bunch of muscle bound creeps in WWE's free-to-play iOS and Android beat-em-up, Rockpocalypse. Similar to Infinity Blade, this third-person brawler pits your character (in this case, The Great One) against a series of opponents in one-on-one combat, where you swipe in all directions to lay the smack down. While not bad per se, the combat is too slow to get us excited.


Instead of taking place within the squared circle, Rockpocalypse sends gamers to Hollywood, where The Rock learns that a strange pathogen transformed a bunch of dudes into crazed monsters. There's no use reasoning with these lowlife, so he puts "boots to asses" and pummels them into oblivion. That said, the idea here is to quickly drag a finger left/right/up/down to deliver punches and kicks, whittling away your opponent's health bar.

Problem is, the action is so monotonous. Whereas Infinity Blade features fast-paced and calculated combat, both The Rock and his lumpy adversaries stand around looking into each other's eyes for several moments before delivering punches/kicks that might as well be in slow motion. Swipe five or six times, and The Rock throws two strikes if you're lucky.

As expected, there are abilities to boost after defeating a certain number of bad guys. You'll even find gear that transforms The Rock into a more efficient fighting machine, like special gloves, body armor, a baseball bat and golf club, so if anything, there's an added incentive to plowing through the game.

The visuals, meanwhile, look fine for an iOS title, but the choice of locations simply fail to thrill. Instead of getting creative with elaborate movie sets, the developers force players to endure drab looking lots, a power plant and sewer. Not only that, but the characters look stiff for the most part, more zombies than living beings, and that also applies to The Rock. As for the audio, you'll find a handful of Rock quotes, some of which fail to capture the spirit of the moment. If anything these sound bites are more dramatic than the actual combat.


And yet, we find ourselves coming back to Rockpocalypse, mostly to unlock items, unravel clues to the mediocre plot and just teach those jabronies a lesson. Is it a great video game? Absolutely not, but if you eat, sleep and breathe WWE, it's a decent way to pass the time leading up to WrestleMania.

Download Rockpocalypse: iOS/Android

What's Hot:Humorous sound bites from The Rock, weapons and gear to unlock.

What's Not:Combat lacks drama, slow animations, unimpressive environments.


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