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Our guide to beating this hare-raising hit.

We've already published our review of the hit new runner Run Sheldon! If you're looking for some useful hints and tips for getting on top of the game, read on to find out everything you need to know.


- It's better to avoid a hare rather than clatter into it, but it's even better to time your jumps just right to land cleanly on its head and bounce off. Each time you do so, your shell meter in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen will fill up a little. Filling it up completely gives you a second chance to continue your run after you make a mistake.

- The enemy hares come in all sizes and types. Be especially careful of the ones that lurk underground and keep an eye on the path ahead. You can see them as a small pile of twitching dirt - they cause by far the most of our Game Overs!

- If you do find yourself coming a cropper without a shell, it's always worth spending money to resurrect, as long as the cost remains less than a hundred. It's very easy to make up the loss (and more!) but the costs get very expensive, very quickly - and you need those coins for your upgrades.

- We find the bouncy air bubble is often more trouble than it's worth. Focus on prioritizing getting the rockets or the wings instead. These allow you to get much further in the game, much more quickly, and the wings in particular are useful for getting even the hardest-to-reach coins.

- Make sure you land extremely cleanly on a hare's head. There is a very small window of collision that marks the difference between ending your go and bopping neatly off its head. Better to jump a little later - and lighter - and miss the hare completely, than go early and risk ending your attempt prematurely.

- More than in any other runner we've played, it's extremely important to pay attention to outstanding missions & challenges if you want to gain the significant currency that's needed to upgrade your abilities and power-ups. Completing four such challenges will allow Sheldon to level up, and you'll receive a lot of money or power-ups for doing so.

- One quick way of getting some extra cash is to sign into the game using your Facebook account. Not only does this allow you to compete with friends and determine who the greatest player is, you'll also receive a one-off sum of 5,000 coins just for logging in once. After that, you can always choose to limit your interaction with the service if you wish.

- Generally speaking, it's better to focus on spending money upgrading your power-ups, rather than your boosts. Boosts are only temporary bonuses that can be used on your next run, whereas the more expensive - but more useful - power-up upgrades persist through every game, and whenever you activate them.

- Be aware that landing in water will cancel your flying wings and you'll sink to the bottom. Use delicate finger taps to keep Sheldon swimming underwater in order to collect any coins that are nearby. If you tap while he's near the surface, he'll leap out of the pond and potentially miss out some much-needed money.

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