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A polished take on classic gameplay.

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If you started gaming at any point onwards from the 80s heyday of home computers, then you've almost certainly experienced the core gameplay of Bubble Blitz before. At the top of the screen, you have colored clusters of bubbles. At the bottom of the screen is a gun that fires new colored balls. Send the next shot off into a cluster of the same color, and they'll evaporate. At the same time, any clusters that had been hanging on will also fall into the abyss, increasing your points tally as well.


So far so familiar, but how does Bubble Blitz justify its presence on the App Store? Well, there are a few neat things about the game. For a start it's a fantastically polished, 60 second challenge title, with bold music, crisp colors and a decent enough setting. After the game's swift tutorial you're introduced to the story and told that you need to save some valuable items that have been stolen and locked in a castle.

It's a reason to come back for more of what would otherwise be a rather aimless, time-killing game. Each valuable that you need to restore is locked away, and you'll need to gather a specific, rare bubble on the gameplay screen to fill up a meter. Once that's filled up, you'll receive one of the keys you need to gain access to each valuable.


It is of course also another way to hook you into spending more and more money in the game. This is a free download, but you can only take part in so many matches in each play session without hitting the IAP store. It's not a problem in the early stages of the game - you level up after completing a certain number of matches, and leveling up also restores that session meter. It's only really once you head deeper into the game - along with its addictive, competitive Facebook leaderboard - that you might get an itchy sensation in your wallet.

For the most part it's very much a game you've played before, but it's also one of the most polished versions you can grab from the App Store. There are some neat upgrades to unlock and keep you plowing through the levels too, along with a neat destructive lightning power if you can keep chains of clusters dropping. In other words, it's a little bit moreish, it's very polished, and it will kill more hours than you think you have left to give to this particular type of game.

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What's Hot:A very polished take on classic gameplay, with a lot of hooks to keep you coming back for more.

What's Not:When all's said and done this is very old gameplay, regardless of how refined the experience may be.


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