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Executive Producer moves to head up mobile strategy.

Jon Lander, executive producer of the notoriously tricky space-themed MMO EVE Online, has changed roles to head up developer CCP's mobile strategy. The move suggests that long-teased mobile elements of the popular MMO may be coming to touchscreens sooner rather than later.

The company revealed the change of position in a developer blog posted to CCP's official website this weekend, with CEO Hilmar Petursson paying tribute to Lander's contributions:

"When Jon and I sat down over a year ago and talked about the Executive Producer role for the first time, we definted a clear mandate: to improve structure, process and foundations for the EVE team, while being laser focused on the core gameplay of internet spaceships," he wrote.

"Under Jon's leadership, the EVE Team has made great strides, while delivering some of our best expansions in Crucible, Inferno, Retribution and of course the upcoming Odyssey."

Lander joined CCP following the game's 2011 "summer of discontent", in which players strongly expressed dissatisfaction with the company's introduction of microtransactions to the subscription game, as well as a perceived neglect of the core gameplay of Eve Online in favour of avatar-based technology.

The company has yet to elaborate on which elements of the game may appear on mobile devices, although EVE's Planetary Interaction system - where players harvest planets for minerals - and the game's market trading system seem likely candidates.

We've contacted CCP for more details about the company's mobile strategy, and will update you with any new information we receive.

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