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Two very big games are coming to the App Store at midnight.

Release weeks don't get much bigger than this one. For a start, we've got the brand-new game from Jetpack Joyride developer Halfbrick Studios. Then there's a long-overdue, full new game in a small series you might have heard of called Cut The Rope.

There's more besides, so without further ado let's take a look at the most important mobile games hitting the App Store at midnight tonight.

Fish Out Of Water

Halfbrick's latest game, Fish Out of Water, couldn't be more different to Fruit Ninja or Jetpack Joyride if it tried. You'll have to flick a collection of feisty fish into the sky and skim them along the ocean surface in pursuit of an ever-higher score. Every fish will have its own special ability, and you'll only be able to take three shots per round to get your best score.

Cut The Rope: Time Travel

This very welcome, brand-new Cut The Rope shakes up the typical gameplay a little by giving players two hungry creatures to feed. Om Nom still stars of course, and this fresh take on the franchise sends him on a journey through a variety of locations, from Ancient Egypt to the primitive Stone Age. Om Nom's off to visit his ancestors, and there'll no doubt be millions of players joining him on his journey.

Ark of Sinners Advance

If you like something a little meatier than even the best physics puzzlers, you'll want to take a look at BulkyPix's sprawling RPG Ark of Sinners Advance. Expect a gorgeous world to explore, combo-fueled combat, and a huge array of skills to work your way towards. Looking at the video, we worry the gameplay may be a little bit jerky and unresponsive, but we'll find out for sure when we get our hands on the game later on tonight.

Fist Face Fight

After watching the trailer for Jared Bailey's new game, we're still don't feel a great deal wiser about what it actually entails, but fortunately there's enough information out there on the web to make some sense of it. Taking charge of a brutal fist, your task is to survive arena-based gameplay where waves of vicious ninjas attempt to destroy your precious heart. There are plenty of missions to unlock, and the game's free too.

Monkey Boxing

If there's one thing you can expect from Crescent Moon Games it's the unexpected, and Monkey Boxing certainly delivers in that regard. If customization's your thing, you can look forward to a huge number of props, hats, glasses and masks before you set out to compete against a range of simian opponents. Multiplayer's available too, if you want to make your friends look like chimps - sorry, chumps.

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