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Undeaded gas.

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You might not think there was much left to be written about the zombie gaming genre, and for the most part you'd be right. Every first-person shooter is stuffed to the brim with them these days, and it's astonishing that anyone still has any kind of appetite for the shambling fools. What then do we make of RIP Rally, an arena-based twin-stick shooter where you drive a car endlessly around a closed arena, while taking pot-shots at endless waves of the rotters?


Using two controls, your challenge here is to simply stay alive as long as possible in each arena of the game, steering the vehicle with the left-hand virtual stick while aiming your weapon front, back, or to the sides with the right-hand stick. These controls work competently for the most part, although it may take you a while to get used to steering the car from the continual top-down perspective.

Each arena offers up its own layout, and you'll have to learn the tricks of each one if you're to avoid being blocked off as the undead march towards you from behind, while grabbing the precious ammo and health refill packs that spawn at fixed points. Understanding where these refills lie is essential for surviving later, and harder waves - and they're pretty reliable when it comes to spawning just as they're needed.


Those zombies come in all shapes and flavors too, from the power-in-numbers, shambling basic undead, to those that explode on contact, causing devastating damage to your vehicle. Each one requires a slightly different approach, such as maintaining fire from range, or simply kiting them around the screen so that they become lined up for a blistering onslaught of bullets.

The more zombie waves you kill, the more currency you'll receive that you can spend on vehicle and weapons upgrades. Machine-guns can be made more powerful, spiked scoops can be attached to your vehicle to help slice through the horde head-on, and your vehicle can be built to withstand far greater damage. If you prefer to buy a new vehicle altogether, one perhaps with better handling, you can do that too, and there's a decent arsenal of rockets and flamethrowers to be bolted onto every car as well.


All in all it's good enough fun, but despite the variety of zombie behaviors on display in the game, RIP Rally does represent gaming at it's most primitive - and it's a bit of a one-trick pony. With all that said, the couple of hours you'll spend mowing down the undead are fun ones, and we'd encourage everyone to take this latest zombie shooter for at least one quick spin.

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What's Hot:Simple but fun twin-stick action, with plenty of upgrades to work towards.

What's Not:How many of those upgrades you'll stick around to unlock is questionable, as the gameplay is rather repetitive.


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