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Would you pay $16.99 for the Charm of Life?

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Considering how many people complain about in-app purchases, it would seem like no one spends a dime. While that's certainly true for some, Candy Crush Saga appears to do just fine. King's unstoppable puzzler is currently the top grossing game on the U.S. App Store and it's easy to see why. The developers put each puzzle's solution just out of reach, then charge $0.99 for more lives. Sure, you can ask friends for more, but how long until they respond?


This resulted in a Candy Crush addiction that costs players quite a bit of money, especially if they fork over the $16.99 to buy the Charm of Life, which instantly bumps the number of available lives from five to eight. Then there's the Lollipop Hammer at $1.99, along with five extra moves per puzzle for $0.99. In fact, we know some folks who spend at least $10 a day on Candy Crush Saga.

That said, do you still play the game free-of-charge, or did the in-app purchase bug bite you? Let us know how much you've spent in the comments section.

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