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Wrapped candy does a player good.

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By all accounts, the world has gone Candy Crush Saga crazy. From numerous Facebook requests to an appearance in a music video, King's juggernaut continues to ensnare people in its cotton candy web. Since there's no use fighting it, we have more tips for this extraordinarily addictive game.


-Puzzle videos are almost worthless. Tons of gamers post solutions to puzzles on YouTube and thousands of people watch in the hope of that "a-ha" moment. Granted, you'll learn basic strategy, but for the most part, we've found these videos to be about as valuable as dryer lint. Reason being, the game jumbles the candy each time you reload a puzzle, so one person's path to victory will most likely never work for you. Not that we expect you to stop scouring the Internet anytime soon.

-You won't lose a life if you exit a puzzle before making a move.

-Conversely, you will lose a life if you make a single move and then exit to the main screen, so it's a good idea to just make the best of it.

-Don't always listen to the game when it displays a potential match. It doesn't necessarily have your best interest in mind, nor does it acknowledge your current predicament. Sure, there are three green candies on the right, but you may need to clear jelly all the way on the left.

-It's all about Special Candy. Never settle for matching three candies when you can do so with four or five. Striped Candy, Wrapped Candy and Color Bombs let you eliminate tons of pieces at once, thereby saving precious lives. For more info, click here.

-Always request free lives from friends. Yes, this means spamming their Facebook pages, so it's always a good idea to do this with dedicated Candy Crush Saga players.

-The more cash you save on lives, the more dough you'll have on hand for Boosters, like the Coconut Wheel. For more info on Boosters, read our guide.

-Always try and clear candies from the bottom, as this results in a greater shift of candy across the screen, whereas the top simply replaces those candies.

-If you pay money for anything, consider Extra Moves, which gives you five additional moves for $0.99, but only do this if you know it'll take that amount or less to solve a puzzle. Otherwise, start over from the beginning.

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