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Top 10 highest scoring titles according to Metacritic.

With so many games on the App Store these days, it can be difficult to know what's hot and, well, not. Granted, you can always visit Modojo to see which titles are best, but today, we decided to go for a much broader view. That said, here are the best reviewed iPhone and iPad games on Metacritic.

Ridiculous Fishing: A Tale of Redemption [Review Average: 92]


A stylish, silly and outstanding game that challenges you to hook as many fish as possible, launch those suckers into the air and then blast them to bits using a plethora of weapons. Instant classic. [Download]

Ridiculous Fishing Review

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Magicka [Review Average: 89]


Channel your inner wizard in this 2D action RPG romp that supports four-person multiplayer. Combine elements to create spells, "accidentally" kill your friends and access items exclusive to the iPad version. [Download]

Super Stickman Golf 2 [Review Average: 87]


How do you improve an entertaining golf experience? Here's one way: lots of new stuff. This spirited follow-up comes with 20 brand-new courses, power-ups, customizable characters and asynchronous multiplayer, among other appealing features. [Download]

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Year Walk [Review Average: 87]


This is probably the only game you'll play based on Swedish folklore. That may not seem inviting, but we strongly suggest giving this imaginative and somewhat creepy adventure a chance. Wander into a spooky forest that plays home to a variety of different creatures, unravel the mystery and solve puzzles. Year Walk is without question one of the most unique games we've played. [Download]

Year Walk Review

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Gemeni Rue [Review Average: 87]


Described as "a sci-fi noir adventure in the tradition of Blade Runner and Beneath a Steel Sky," Gemeni Rue takes a page from beloved PC adventures, as two characters (an ex-assassin and an amnesiac) wind up on a collision course that'll change the world (scratch that, the universe) as they know it. [Download]

Gemeni Rue Review

NightSky [Review Average: 86]


Award-winning puzzler found a good home on iPhone and iPad, both of which do a fine job displaying this title's moody visuals. The premise is simple: guide a crystal ball through a captivating world, making use of vehicles and advanced physics. Our advice? Get the "ball" rolling. [Download]

Badland [Review Average: 86]


Easily one of the best-looking games for smartphones and tablets, Badland sends you through an enchanted forest where things aren't what they seem. Master 40 levels solo, or hook up with three friends for some local multiplayer, where an additional 16 stages lie in wait. [Download]

King Cashing 2 [Review Average: 85]


OK, let's get this straight. It's an action RPG slot machine game starring zombies? Sure, why not? King Cashing 2 is one of those games so weird it just might work. Enjoy a comic book presentation, battle 86 types of enemies using 150 weapons and unlock 72 achievements. Oh, and play the slots while you're at it. [Download]

Penumbear [Review Average: 85]


There's no end to the number of platform games on the App Store, so if you want arguably the finest one to date, go with Penumbear. Bulkypix's tricky side-scrolling effort casts you as a tiny bear trying to make its way out of a dark castle. Rescue your friends, manipulate light and uncover hosts of secrets. [Download]

Cut the Rope: Time Travel [Review Average: 85]


ZeptoLab found a way to breathe new life into its puzzle series. Once again, this game stars franchise character Om Nom, but this time, he'll meet up with relatives from different periods in history, like the Prehistoric era and the Renaissance. These new critters even factor into the puzzle solving, while unique elements force you to think in different ways. Buy it. [Download: iPhone|iPad]

Cut the Rope: Time Travel Review

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