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There are two types of gamers: those with ISO-8, and those without.

Gameloft released Iron Man 3: The Official Game for iOS and Android devices, and as we expected, this free-to-play superhero romp includes plenty of in-app purchases. It's also a bit difficult, but what do you expect with missiles, jets and mechanical lowlifes attempting to turn Tony Stark into scrap? Of course, we have a variety of tips to help keep you alive.


-With multiple enemies on-screen, paint your targets by carefully sliding a finger across each bad guy. Do this somewhat methodically, since quick swipes usually result in misses. Considering health is at a premium, you can't afford silly mistakes.

-Always keep an eye on the obstacles that lie ahead. This will give you a much better chance at dodging projectiles.

-With so much happening, it's easy to lose sight of all those red Stark Credits. Be sure to pick up as many as possible, and but avoid going after hard-to-reach virtual currency the developers strategically placed close to obstacles. Always better to remain alive as long as possible. There will always be more Credits to grab.

-During play, be on the lookout for power-ups scattered along the track. These include the Fusion Charge (red arrow) that lasts three times longer than usual, the Alpha Duplicator (yellow x2) that quadruple's your score and the Proton Field (green shield) that lets Iron man resist three hits. Keep in mind these are only temporary.

-Spend Stark Credits to upgrade Iron Man's armor across three categories: Special, Weapon and HP. The price goes up each time you continuously upgrade one of these attributes.

-Tired of waiting for armor to finish building or attribute upgrades? You can always speed up the process by spending different amounts of ISO-8. This also carries over to repairing armor, but we suggest waiting until time expires.

-It's always a good idea to have more than one suit researched to eliminate waiting for repairs to finish.

-Complete achievements to earn Stark Credits and ISO-8. These include defeating 10 enemies in a single run or traveling 30,000 meters.

-Mastering those achievements also helps Iron Man level up, which gives you access to new armor.

-Want to keep playing after Iron Man croaks? Continue the current game using ISO-8. The more times you continue in one game, the more expensive it gets.

-You receive the Mark III armor right away. From there, you can research up to three additional suits. Want more? Buy storage for 70 ISO-8.

-You can unlock armor by spending XP or ISO-8.

-You cannot buy Stark Credits. To get a lot in a hurry, you'll need to exchange ISO-8. You can always buy more of that by making an in-app purchase.

-Complete Daily Missions for bigger rewards. To see the current mission and the time remaining until it's gone, click the Missions tab.

-Similarly, you can view the achievements and progress by pressing the Trophies tab.

Iron Man 3: The Official Game Review

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