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We can't turn you into the next Rembrandt, but we can help you get an edge.

Draw Something 2 is out now on the App Store, and we gave the game 4 out of 5 stars in our review earlier today. If you somehow managed to avoid the craze when the first game came out, here are some useful hints and tips for being a good social sketcher.


- Once you've unlocked a category, you're free to recycle the words on offer by tapping on the icon beneath the final word. Note that you'll almost certainly be rewarded with fewer coins for doing so, but if you really can't manage what's on offer, there's no harm in shuffling through a few alternatives.

- Can the word you've been given be broken up into two different, easier components? If so, consider sketching out two drawings and making it subtly clear that the two are to be combined. If it's an intangible object, such as an emotion, try displaying it in a context it might be found in - ie, a crying face indicates 'sadness'.

- If you really want to cheat and rack up some coins for very little work, just coordinate with an office or school buddy to quickly fire matches back and forth at each other, and let each other know the answers!

- For the sake of etiquette when playing with randoms, avoid drawing out word clues on the screen as this can really take the fun out of the game for the other player. If you find yourself getting annoyed with this sort of thing, stick to playing games with friends you know, or just players you've added to your contacts list.

- If you want to admire your finest creations, or just show them off to your friends, you don't need to worry about grabbing a snapshot of your drawing before submitting it. Instead, hit the 'Me' icon in the bottom menu bar, then tap on the 'Drawings' label just beneath your profile picture.

- Parents! Not everyone in Draw Something draws appropriate images to share with the world, so you might want to disable some of the social aspects of the game. If you want to limit your child's access to the galleries and social feed, you can set a PIN for the game under the 'Me' settings. Scroll down to the Restricted Mode option to set this.

- Context can be everything when it comes to drawing a particularly tricky word. Think about the simple backgrounds you might be able to draw to put the object within a specific context. Every little clue you can provide will help steer your co-player towards the correct answer, no matter how tricky the challenge is.

- It's well worth perusing the in-game gallery, not just for inspiration but to see how people have set about crafting their answers. If you want to see how someone managed to produce their masterpiece, rather than just viewing the end result, select an image from the gallery and then tap on it again to watch the sketching in action.

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