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The worst best game ever.

Candy Crush Saga Level 23- We Need Your Help

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As much as we enjoy Candy Crush Saga, King's match-three puzzler gets on our nerves. It's great that the game is available on such expensive hardware, since we're less likely to throw an iPad or Galaxy S4 in frustration. That said, here are the best reasons why Candy Crush drives us nuts.


The One More Move Scenario

This happens all the time. We'll have one more piece of jelly to clear or some ingredient that's about to fall off the screen. Know what? Too bad, because there are no more moves. You can almost see the steam shooting from our ears.

Randomized Candies

From our experience, no two puzzles are alike. As a result, you have to make the best of what the game gives you, which varies in fairness for no particular reason. This also makes the seemingly endless supply of YouTube walkthroughs almost pointless, since your puzzle pieces won't match the other person's.

Begging For Lives, AKA Being "That Person"

Unless you make a habit of throwing money around, you'll eventually ask for more lives through Facebook, ultimately becoming the one thing you sought to destroy. What's that? You'd never spam Facebook friends for silly virtual prizes? Yeah, that's what we thought at first. Now we send requests on the hour, and god help those people if they take their sweet time responding.

The Best Stuff Costs Money

Give in to making an in-app purchase, and you'll be surprised at how many times you'll pay $0.99 for a measly five additional lives, but that's the tip of the candy crush iceberg. Want to bump the number of lives from five to eight? Buy the Charm of Life for $16.99. Interested in the Charm of Stripes? Prepare to shell out $39.99. Need to freeze the clock? Pick up the Charm of Frozen Time for $24.99. Don't laugh. People spend the money. Come on, King. Throw us a freebie.

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