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What to watch out for when the clock strikes midnight.

Here at Modojo we like to bring you all the reviews and game guides that matter to you the most, but how do you know which games you should be keeping an eye out for? Midnight Thursday is the traditional witching hour when all of the biggest games make their debut on the App Store, and every week we bring you a round-up of all the most important releases. Read on to find out which games we reckon will be the pick of the bunch.

Angry Birds Friends

There will probably come a day when the name Angry Birds is a mere whisper on the lips of gamers, but we suspect that day lies some way off in the far future. This week sees a new addition to Rovio's mobile brood, and it arrives in the form of Angry Birds Friends. The game was previously only available for Facebook gamers, but tomorrow will see its iOS and Android release. Expect all the Angry Birds gameplay you know and love, with a fresh social twist to keep things nice and competitive.

Star Command

Star Command has been somewhat AWOL since its successful Kickstarter crowdfunding effort, but the delays are over and this stellar-sounding game is mere hours away from landing on mobiles. This is a game that's all about assembling a fine crew of spacefaring adventurers, designing your very own interstellar spacecraft, and then going toe-to-toe in a variety of outlandish alien encounters. Expect plenty of nostalgic nods to the science-fiction classics of yesteryear when this one touches down.

Zombies Ate My Friends

You can usually depend on Glu Games to deliver a title that entertains, and Zombies Ate My Friends seems set to satisfy zombie-slaying fans. You'll have to kit out your very own survivor with guns and equipment, protect your safehouse, aid other survivors on quests, and explore the grisly undead-ridden town. Don't expect anything too serious here, but there's certain to be at least a few hours fun to be had out of this one.

Paper Titans

For something that sits at the opposite end of the gaming spectrum, you might want to keep your eyes out for Blitz Games Studios' Paper Titans. It's a gorgeous looking puzzle game that challenges you to explore a papercraft world, while solving puzzles and investigating whole new lands. Something to unwind with when you've finished beating seven bells out of the undead horde, perhaps.

Dark Avenger

Gamevil's Dark Avenger promises to deliver a rather gritty hack-and-slash RPG, and fans of dank and gloomy dungeon-crawling are probably in for a bit of a treat. Whether you prefer to assume the role of the sword-swinging Templar, a magic-flinging Mage, or an arrow-firing Archer, there should be a flavor of combat to suit everyone. As with any respectable loot-grinding game, there are plenty of legendary equipment sets to work your way towards as you head ever deeper underground...

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