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See those red things? Grab'em.

Iron Man 3: The Official Game- Get More ISO-8

Like most free-to-play iOS and Android games, Iron Man 3 [Download: iOS|Android] comes with two virtual currencies, ISO-8 and Stark Credits. The latter proves useful in upgrading Iron Man, which gets very expensive as you unlock new pieces of armor. Keeping Marvel's superhero in pristine condition is of the utmost importance, so to help make that happen, here are some tips to earn more Stark Credits.


Collect Them During The Game

Duh, right? The easiest way to score thousands of these suckers is to grab them as Iron Man flies around. You literally cannot miss them, as Gameloft placed these red objects throughout the adventure. Position Iron Man and you're good to go.

Complete Missions

View the current list of missions from the main menu, then make a point to keep them in mind during the game. These range from defeating 50 enemies in a single run to reaching 20,000 meters in one game. As it turns out, Gameloft will reward you handsomely.

Trade In ISO-8

You cannot buy Stark Credits using actual money, but you can exchange ISO-8 for a whole bunch. Granted, parting with ISO-8 isn't necessarily easy, but an upgraded Iron Man is a powerful Iron Man.

Here's the breakdown: 200 ISO-8 for 30,000 Credits, 1,000 ISO-8 for 250,000 Credits, 5,500 ISO-8 for 1,500,000 Credits.

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