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Down the hatch.

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Consume tasty-looking treats in CandyMeleon, a thoroughly entertaining iPhone and iPad title from BulkyPix. In it, players control an adorable lizard with an insatiable appetite for sweets. Gifted with a tongue that puts Gene Simmons' to shame, the little guy snatches candies from the air while at the same time collecting gold coins left behind. Simple one touch and accelerometer controls make this effort ideal for smartphones and tablets, but beware. Eating is potentially hazardous to the CandyMeleon's health.


What can go wrong? Try getting hit by falling rocks, bitten by piranhas, the critter's tongue temporarily stuck to a spider web or accidentally munching on poison candy, for starters. You can't rapidly press the screen expecting to grab anything and everything without consequences. To make matters worse, annoying ladybugs latch onto and destroy the CandyMeleon's hearts (of three), and every missed piece of candy removes gold coins from your total.

It's frustrating at first, but the game gets easier once you master its intricacies. Not only that, but you can also cash in those gold coins to purchase characters with signature abilities (impervious to spider webs, faster at dodging obstacles, etc.), different backgrounds and upgrade unlocked candies to earn more gold, among other attributes.


Similar to Candy Crush Saga, you only have a limited number of chances to play, but the developers were generous, and the time to regenerate these "hearts" is significantly shorter. Besides, the better you are, the longer a single game will last, making the wait time almost insignificant.

On that note, few iOS games are as addictive as CandyMeleon. BulkyPix was obviously in search of a flagship title to help cement its position on the App Store and the publisher succeeded marvelously. Games will come and go on our devices, but there's a great chance this one will remain a favorite throughout the year. Considering its free-to-play, we hope you share our enthusiasm.

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What's Hot:Cute animation, addictive concept, different types of critters and candies, great marriage of touch and accelerometer controls.

What's Not:Waiting to play, the occasional ad.


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