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Our pick of the bunch from tonight's new release schedule.

Another round of new releases is due to hit the App Store at midnight tonight, but which ones are we most looking forward to getting our hands on? We've poured over press releases and trawled through trailers to bring you a round-up of what we think are likely to be the best of this week's bunch.

Impossible Road

Kevin Ng's minimalist arcade game promises to mix up a little bit of Wipeout's racing action with more than a small dollop of Super Hexagon's agonizing gameplay. Your challenge amounts to nothing more than steering a sphere through an endlessly twisting, looping landscape - without falling off the sides. Probably best to play this one when you're away from sensitive ears...

Tasty Tadpoles

The gameplay of Tasty Tadpoles may look very simple, but after watching the trailer a couple of times we think there could be something in this new release. The game features one-touch controls and plenty of traps and puzzles, all spread around 75 levels in which you attempt to guide your tiny tadpole home to safety. If there's enough variety in the level design, this could be one to watch.

Daddy Was A Thief

All we know about Daddy Was A Thief is what you can see in the trailer above, but we have to say we're intrigued. Taking control of a bumbling burglar, you'll need to crash him through buildings to hoover up loot and bring home the bacon, taking advantage of any special power-ups you can get your hands on along the way.


For something a little more cerebral, Mosaique has piqued our interest with its simple but elegant puzzle interface, and the promise of algorithmically generated levels. Tile-dropping, brain-bending match-up gameplay is combined with a blissful ambient soundtrack to make something we're really quite anxious to get our hands on.

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