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Has this puzzling challenge got you in pieces? We can help.

Mosaique hit the App Store this week, and while we found the game variety a little limited in our review earlier today, there's no denying that it's a must-have for the serious puzzle fanatic. If the game's got your head in a spin, take a look through our hints and tips.


- Every time you fire a square into the central cluster, you'll lose a little bit of your shot gauge. To top it back up, you'll need to make sure you take out two or more blocks that lie along the length of the shot you make.

- There's another reason to make sure your gauge is being topped up more than it's being spent. If you max it out entirely, you'll be able to eliminate an entire row or column on the grid. Make the most of these opportunities, and remove as many isolated square colors as you can with this special move.

- When making grander plans, be aware that blocks don't have to be touching in order to be taken out at the same time. If there's a gap between them, the square you fire will travel through the gap and take them all out.


- Always play each shot with an eye on what your bigger strategy is. If you have a number of potential shots, can you choose one which will help you nail a long line of colors in an upcoming shot? Make every move count.

- The rounds only get harder as you work your way through all seven of them, so if you've had a disastrous run in the early stages, it's worth starting again for the sake of a high score. You really want to top that shot gauge up as much as possible in the early stages.

- Think you've mastered the game? Check out the Expert mode, which you can enable by tapping the information icon on the main menu. In this mode, your shot gauge will deplete much more rapidly than during standard play - make sure all of your matches are two or higher to survive.

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