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As if you need help feeding your addiction...

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Candy Crush Saga seems like an unstoppable force on the App Store charts but, let's be honest, you're going to hit a wall sooner or later. Whether you've simply run out of lives and need something else to feed your cravings, or you just can't bear the thought of another round of candy-popping goodness, we've put together some of the other match-up titles you simply have to play.


The grand old dame of match-three mobile gaming is Bejeweled, PopCap's best-selling, flagship title. With its timeless, thoughtful, strategic match-up combo gameplay, there's an argument to be made that the likes of Candy Crush Saga simply wouldn't exist without its influence. Spend an hour with this series and you'll soon realize that there's far more to life than clearing jellies.

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There are two different editions of Zookeeper to keep your fingers busy, but we reckon the original Zookeeper DX packs in the most fun. Your challenge is to flip the animal blocks around to meet a target number of creatures, while battling against the clock. If you want to add a social flavor to the gameplay, check out Zookeeper Battle for some online multiplayer fun.

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Puzzle Quest 2

The terrible traumas of Candy Crush Saga are plain for all to see, so why not treat yourself to a round or two of one of the finest match-up games ever to hit the App Store? Puzzle Quest 2 isn't just a matching game, it's also an RPG tale that includes plenty of power-ups and mini-games to keep you entertained for countless hours. At $3.99, it'll cost you a fair few pennies, but this in-app purchase-free masterpiece will never beg you for more money.

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The Treasures of Montezuma

For a gaming experience that offers up more than frenzied matching, check out just about any of the fantastic Treasures of Montezuma games. Like Puzzle Quest, the games offer up some seriously addictive match-three mayhem, with the lure of receiving powerful upgrades in exchange for high-score gold. The earliest games aren't the prettiest in our round-up, but don't let looks put you off - these fantastic puzzlers will keep you coming back for more.

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Toy Balls

For something a little different from the typical match-up game, have a look at Out Fit 7's Toy Balls, a title that throws a little bit of physics fun into the proceedings. As toy balls cascade into the screen and roll around shoving each other, you'll have to carefully connect up the longest chains you can before they all tumble into game-ending obstacles.

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