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Unleash the explosive force of Candy Crush Saga's most powerful candies.

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Candy Crush Saga has the power to sap the spirits of even the most optimistic person, and sometimes you'll need to bust your way through a level using good fortune and explosive combos. It's not easy bringing two specially-created candies together into a match-up, but if you can pull these combos off you stand a good chance of beating even the toughest levels.

Here's a breakdown of all the special candy combinations you can create in the game.

First Candy Second Candy What happens
Coconut Wheel Coconut Wheel Creates a row or column of Mint Stripes, detonates them, then repeats.
Coconut Wheel Color Bomb Creates a row or column of Mint Stripes and detonates them.
Coconut Wheel Mint Stripe Converts a row or column of candies into Mint Stripes.
Coconut Wheel Wrapper Bomb Creates a row or column of Wrapper Bombs.
Color Bomb Color Bomb Removes every candy from the board!
Color Bomb Mint Stripe All candies of that color are converted to Mint Stripes, then detonated.
Color Bomb Wrapper Bomb Color Bomb detonates, then detonates a random color again.
Jelly Fish Color Bomb Creates three Color Bomb Jelly Fish and detonates them.
Jelly Fish Mint Stripe Creates three Mint Stripe fish, then detonates them.
Jelly Fish Wrapper Bomb Creates three Wrapped Jelly Fish, then detonates Wrapper Bombs.
Mint Stripe Mint Stripe Both candies explode, with one switching direction if they're identical.
Wrapper Bomb Mint Stripe The explosion clears three rows and three columns.
Wrapper Bomb Wrapper Bomb Detonates two dozen candies around each bomb.

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