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More great games to keep you guessing.

The guessing game genre has taken the App Store by storm this year, and Icomania is the undisputed king of the hill. There are only so many levels to be enjoyed in even the most generously stocked game though, so which title should you turn to next? If you're still struggling to scratch that puzzling itch, take a look at these very worthy alternatives.

4 Pics 1 Word


In 4 Pics 1 Word, there's a slightly different challenge on offer. You'll be presented with four pictures that have one thing in common. Your job? To find that relationship and create the correct answer from a pool of letters. This one's well worth dipping into if you find yourself getting a little bored of the typical word-guessing gameplay found elsewhere.

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Emoji Pop


The thing we really like about Emoji Pop is how much care and attention has been put into the puzzles. There's no reliance on stock photography here, as each image has been hand-crafted with cartoonish charm. Like Pic Combo below, you need to combine these pictures to create words and sayings, and there are around 200 puzzles to get stuck into.

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What's The Movie?


As the name suggests, this take on the genre puts the big screen front and center. You'll be presented with a handful of objects that have a close relationship with a famous film, and all you have to do is tap out the name of the movie in question. Puzzles are separated by the decade of each film's release, so there's something here to challenge players of all ages.

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Pic Combo


Pic Combo requires some very satisfying lateral thinking as you combine two visual pictures to create a word, a phrase, or a famous name. Sometimes the answer comes from simply saying what you see, while in other challenges you'll really have to think outside the box to draw out the information you need.

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