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Our guide will get you off to a flying start.

Fast & Furious 6: The Game is out now to download from the App Store. We gave the game a solid 3.5 out of 5 in our review earlier today, now here are all of our hints and tips for nailing your next record time.


- Be very careful with the timing of your nitrous. Generally speaking, it's a little wasted while you're shifting up the first couple of gears. We found the best time to activate it is after you've shifted up twice at the earliest. Make sure that you're not about to hit a drift section though, otherwise you'll waste this very useful boost.

- When exiting a drift, be prepared to attend to any gear shift you need to make. In the run-up to a drifting section, you'll often lose the ability to make a necessary shift, even though the needle is in the red. Be ready to adjust for this the very moment the drift is complete.

- We found that the Civic was a great all-round starting car, mainly because of the engine power advantage it has. In the early days, when you're trying to grab upgrade cash to stay competitive in the long run, you'll want every last bit of horsepower available to you.

- If you've played games like Real Racing 3 or CSR Racing before, you might be used to shifting gears the moment the needle hits the red. Not so here. You can actually change gears well before this happens, and without incurring any penalties. Just a little while after receiving the shift warning, change gears to squeeze just a fraction further ahead of your opponent.

- After a couple of hours of playing the game, you'll find that your matches against the AI are very even. We recommend spending a bit of cash on upgrading your engine in the early days, as this will give you the necessary horsepower to stay just ahead of the pack, and keep you away from the in-app purchase store.

- Timing is everything in the drift sections of Fast & Furious 6. Don't hit the drift button until all four wheels are in the blue box if you want to get the maximum cash bonus. Likewise, when the drift is over, make sure the vehicle is fully inside the marked area before releasing the drift button.

- There are nine different upgrade areas for improving each vehicle. Here's an at-a-glance guide to what each one does - note that upgrades get more expensive as you continue through the upgrade chain.

Upgrade Effect
Engine Increases HP
Intake Increases HP
Exhaust Increases HP
Gearbox Reduces shift time
Flywheel Reduces shift time
Tires Increases launch and drift quality
Body Reduces weight
Nitrous Increases boost duration
Suspension Increases drift quality

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