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Conquer and raid like a pro.

Form alliances and conquer rivals in Kingdom Age, the free-to-play MMO from GREE. With over 500 quests, a plethora of monsters to slay and a seemingly endless number of opponents, it's easy to become overwhelmed, but fear not. We reached out to the developers for some life-saving tips. [Download]


-Need more gems? An easy way to earn free Gems is to watch videos. Watch Videos to earn free Gems, located on the purchase Gems UI

-Communication is a powerful tool. The key to winning Conquest of Kings events is to coordinate with your Guild mates. Discuss and strategize which rival Guild to attack and when.

-Invest in a "Boost" building. You can only have one boost building at a time, but the added bonus will come in handy during battle. Boost buildings can provide additional attack power for your units, reduce casualties in war and lower your construction costs.

-Power in numbers - grow your army! Keep recruiting allies and increase your army size so you can bring more units into battles! Each ally can bring three units, and each one of those units will be equipped with one weapon and one armor.

-Want a new name? You don't have to be stuck with the same name forever. You can change your profile name by going to your profile.

-Recruit strong enemies. Become allies with players who are stronger than you to protect your units and kingdom.

-Use your Skill Points wisely. You'll get more "bang for your buck" by investing your points in Hero Strength, which increases your damage to enemies.

-Money does grow on...silos. To efficiently earn more Gold, maximize the number of silos in your Kingdom and keep upgrading them too.

-Get equipped. Investing and leveling-up Hero weapons and armor will come in handy in both quests and battle modes since they affect attack and defense.

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