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Cod of war.

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It's hard not to dive into the choppy waters of Zombie Fish Tank without making immediate comparisons to the likes of Feeding Freezing, Osmos or - at a greater stretch - Katamari. You are a thing of a certain size. You may eat things of a size smaller than you. Come into contact with a bigger thing, however, and you yourself will be gobbled up. Game over.


In Zombie Fish Tank, this survival of the biggest gameplay is set in a series of fish tanks, and the star of the show is an undead fish who's been robbed of his life, his love and his freedom. Back from the dead, his mission is to survive long enough to take down the meddling scientists who have caused him so much misfortune.

For the most part, you'll achieve this by using tilt controls to steer him around the murky waters of each stage, gobbling up those smaller fishes, and gradually expanding your size so as to take on bigger prey. Once you've maxed out the size of your fish and dominated the fish tank, you get to enter a rage mode where everything on the screen is there for the eating - and for getting a nice score boost in the process. At the end of each set of levels, you also get to take part in a little boss fight, dodging the scientist's attempts to end your unlife, while getting some nasty nibbles in at opportune moments.


As you play the game, you'll acquire a currency called Zomboil which allows you to unlock new fish, as well as decorate an ornamental fish tank where your collection of zombie fish swim about freely. Each fish has its own flavor (if you'll excuse the pun), so one might swim a little faster, while another gets a boost to the power-ups you'll come across in the game - rockets that propel you around the screen rapidly, or fish-attracting magnets, for example.

The core mechanics of Zombie Fish Tank are certainly very, very familiar, but there's plenty of variety to be enjoyed here nevertheless. The way each new stage presents a different layout to master means your interest will be sustained for far longer than you would imagine, and the wide range of fish to unlock makes it all seem worthwhile. Whether you manage to unlock all of this content or not, will simply be a question of how much appetite you still have for this sort of gameplay.

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What's Hot:Lots to unlock and pretty solid tilt controls.

What's Not:It's very familiar ground, and the core gameplay's a little repetitive.


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