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A runner with some very welcome twists.

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The curse of the movie gaming tie-in is never afraid to strike, but we've been pretty impressed with 2013's efforts so far. Most recently, we got our hands on Star Trek Rivals, a game with a surprising amount of depth, and yesterday marked the release of Despicable Me: Minion Rush - a game based on the upcoming film sequel.


It takes the form of a runner, and you're placed in the jogging shoes of a minion, desperate to take home the coveted Minion of the Year prize. To do this, you'll need to take charge of his romp to victory using left and right finger swipes, leaps and ducks, and all of the other standard challenges you'll have come to expect from the genre by now.

This is more than just your typical currency-collecting runner, however. From time to time, the camera angle will change, forcing you to rethink your swiping dramatically. There are multiple environments to explore, special boss fights to survive, and the whole experience is packed full of fine detail, color and imaginative obstacle design.


All of this admittedly impressive variety and environmental activity comes at a price, however. Even running on a fourth generation iPad, things do occasionally get a little choppy, and those moments are usually when you need reliable reactions the most. We had a few deaths as a result of a swipe not quite registering in time - a pity, but these moments were rare, and took little away from the overall fun we had with the game.

The banana currency you collect can be used to unlock new character costumes and power-ups, whether that's a currency multiplier for future runs, a shield, or a head-start on the course. This is fairly conservative stuff, given the variety lavished on the game elsewhere, but they're worthy targets to work towards nevertheless.


Even if you think the endless runner genre has nothing left to offer you, we still recommend giving Despicable Me: Minion Rush a go. It's packed full of variety and imagination, and not even the occasional frame-rate hiccup can take too much shine off this very worthy movie mobile game.

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What's Hot:An usually original runner that gives fans exactly what they want, while adding some very original twists.

What's Not:The game can struggle with its own ambition, even on the latest Apple hardware.


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