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How to get more Bananas using the game's power-up system.

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Despicable Me: Minion Rush picked up a 4 out of 5 star score in our review last week, and we also brought you some handy hints and tips for getting started with the game. In today's guide, you can find out all about the power-ups in Minion Rush, and which ones are worth investing in.


Premium Items

Item: Golden Banana

Effect: Make any Banana you collect worth double forever.

Cost: $4.99

This is at the high end of the in-app purchase store pricing, but if you're in it for the long run, picking this up will help you unlock all of those Banana-based power-ups much more quickly.

Item: Golden Shield

Effect: Upgrade the Shield to be invincible when it's on!

Cost: 1,200 Tokens

We have a hard time justifying this particular purchase, as it's going to cost you an eye-watering $9.99 to buy the necessary tokens. The shield doesn't come along as often as we'd like to justify spending money here.

Banana Currency Items


Item: Freeze Ray

Effect: Freeze and smash obstacles apart

Unlock Cost: 150 Bananas

Unlocking this item will allow you to deal with upcoming obstacles, and is particularly useful for the more frantic stages of the game. Make sure you know what you're doing before frittering (no pun intended) your Bananas away on this.

Item: Banana Vacuum

Effect: Let the Bananas come to you! The Banana vacuum attracts Bananas for 10 seconds

Unlock Cost: 150 Bananas

A pretty useful item, the Banana Vacuum will allow you to gather up lots of Bananas without having to worry about getting in the right lane. Note that this effect expires after a pretty short amount of time.

Item: Banana Splitter

Effect: While active, each Banana counts as two! The Banana Splitter doubles your Bananas for 10 seconds.

Unlock Cost: 150 Bananas

Self-explanatory. If you have this power-up active, every Banana you collect will count for two in your tally. A good alternative to investing in the premium Golden Banana.


Item: Minion Shield

Effect: While active it protects you from 1 hit! Minion Shield lasts for 10 seconds.

Unlock Cost: 150 Bananas

This power-up will save your skin when you're deep into a run, allowing you to survive one collision before it evaporates. Keep upgrading to have the shield last longer.

Item: Minion Launcher

Effect: Use the Minion Launcher to get an epic head start! Land 400 meters ahead!

Unlock Cost: 200 Tokens

We don't recommend grabbing this power-up at all. It's expensive to purchase with premium tokens, and that head-start really isn't worth it.

Item: Gru's Rocket

Effect: Cover longer distances faster! Gru's Rocket boosts your distance for 6 seconds.

Unlock Cost: 150 Bananas

This power-up gets very expensive to upgrade, and fast. This is one to level up when you're swimming in Bananas from power-ups that give a more immediate benefit.


Item: Fluffy Unicorn!

Effect: Ride the Fluffy Unicorn and collect Bananas. Each upgrade adds more and more Bananas to collect!

Unlock Cost: 150 Bananas

Unlock this item as soon as possible, so you can take part in the mini-game, but leave this as one of the last upgrades to invest in. Get your other Banana-gathering power-ups leveled up to the halfway point first.

Item: Mega Minion

Effect: Live large and dramatically increase your Despicable Score Multiplier! Get mega-despicable for 12 seconds

Unlock Cost: 150 Bananas

Again, this is something of a luxury upgrade once you've unlocked the first tier.

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