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Save the furries.

Candy Crush Saga Cheats And Tips

Popular Facebook game Pet Rescue Saga finally brought its addictive match-up puzzles to iOS and Android. Candy Crush Saga fans will find certain parts of the game familiar since it borrows a handful of concepts from the aforementioned smash hit. Newcomers may need some advice, so we put together a beginner's guide to help them beat their friends.


-You only have five lives and lose one for each failed puzzle. When lives run out, you can purchase five for $0.99 or wait for a refill.

-You can ask Facebook friends for lives and vice versa, just like Candy Crush Saga.

-You can request lives before playing a puzzle. Select the desired level and tap the heart icon to the right of your friends' Facebook photos along the bottom of the screen.

-You don't need to eliminate all blocks from the screen to clear a puzzle. That said, pay close attention to each puzzle's goals. These may include rescuing seven pets or scoring a set number of points.

-Boosters like Color Pop and Block Buster are there to make puzzles easier. Just don't waste them. Otherwise you'll need to buy more.

-Some puzzles only provide you with a certain number of lives. Don't be wasteful. Running out of lives means game over.

-The Column Blaster is great for clearing blocks of different colors. Drag the rocket (lower right) to the desired location and make sure it's in the correct place before launching it.

-Quitting a puzzle (even without making a move) will cost you a life.

-Blocks at the top of the screen will vanish if you don't make valid moves.

-Pets near the top of screen will also vanish if you don't commit valid moves.

-You'll need to earn three gold stars to perfect a level. You can check the status during play in the top right corner of the screen.

-It's always a good idea to think two and even three moves ahead if possible. Think about what'll happen if you eliminate certain blocks.

-The last thing you want are single blocks of different colors. Make moves in such a way to group like colors.

-Use Bombs to destroy clusters of blocks. Keep in mind that blowing up one Bomb will set off a chain reaction that will destroy other Bombs within the blast radius.

Do you have Pet Rescue Saga tips? Let us know in the comments section.

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