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Become super.

Both the Man of Steel movie and mobile game are worth checking out. The latter pits Superman against General Zod and his henchmen in both Story and Survival Modes. To succeed, you must avoid attacks and harness Superman's unique abilities to crush the competition. Things start off slowly and you'll probably get your butt kicked, but these tips will transform you from novice to expert in no time.


-Never take your eyes off Superman's enemies, and study their body language to know when they'll attack next.

-Whenever a bad guy pulls back to strike, quickly press either the left or right dodge buttons along the bottom of the screen to move in those directions. This is especially important whenever an enemy's head glows red. You don't want to be on the receiving end of this potentially devastating attack.

-Swipe multiple times to launch combos. Hitting enemies a certain number of times will break their guard, allowing you to send them into buildings and vehicles.

-Superman will occasionally grab hold of enemies and fly towards debris. When this happens, swipe in the desired direction to steer both characters into cars, pieces of stone and other objects for bonus damage.

-Pinch the screen to grapple. It's a great maneuver to pull off whenever enemies go into the guard position.

-When enemies initiate a grapple with Superman, quickly tap the two circles on-screen to turn the battle in your favor.

-Use XP earned from battles to upgrade Superman's abilities. These range from heat vision and super speed to health and power. It'll be next to impossible to defeat tougher bad guys without doing this.

-Before playing Survival Mode, consider spending keys to give Superman an advantage, like 2X health and 2X power.

-Earn keys in Survival Mode by completing certain objectives, such as 10 vehicle knockbacks and breaking eight objects while flying.

-You can always buy more XP for the following amounts: $4.99, $9.99, $19.99, $49.99.

-Although it can take a while to fill, Superman's heat vision is a great way to dispose of enemies.

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